The sale of any product or service is always considered firm, there being no deposit consideration on any type of material.

Orders placed by any means (virtual store, sales representatives, e-mail any other) will only be valid after approval by the address of Vedefora S.L.


Size policy

Keep in mind that the size tables reflected on the web, correspond to body measurements, and depending on each model and characteristics of each garment, a size of the same is determined, in order to maintain the characteristics of ergonomics and comfort for work.

In addition, it must be borne in mind that the Modeling and Pattern Department reserves the right to modify by a variation of ± 2 cm. the measures taken by the user.



Shipments: Shipments of merchandise, are always sent to postage paid with charge in invoice, whose amount is specified under the description of transport costs.

If the customer requires the shipment by any other means than the one established by Vedefora S.L. They will be sent to freight collect, which the customer must pay to the transport company when receiving the goods.


Returns: The reasons that are detailed below will be the only reasons for which any return of the remitted items is accepted / rejected:

·         If the fabric chosen and indicated in the order, does not match the received item.

·         If the requested model does not correspond to the received model.

·         If the size does not correspond to the size requested in the order form.

·         If the requested color does not correspond to the received color, taking into account possible variations due to monitor distortion.

·         Only returns that have been sent to the customer within the previous 7 days and always with the prior authorization of Vedefora SL will be accepted. (Equality)

·         Only unused garments in good condition will be accepted.

·         Refunds that have been modified or adjusted will not be accepted.

·         Size problems will not be a reason for return (see size policy)

·         The return costs will not be refunded if they do not comply with the requirements indicated in this section and in no case without prior authorization to make the return.

·         To verify the error and authorize the return by Vedefora S.L. It will be necessary to send photographs to the email that clearly show the error / reason for the return.


Equality reserves the right to refuse the return, if it is considered that the order has been made and correctly and in accordance with the instructions of order of the client.


Delivery deadlines

The delivery terms stipulated for any firm order, will be a maximum of 15 business days.

In any case, upon receiving the order form, from the commercial department of Vedefora S.L. the corresponding order acceptance is sent and the planned delivery dates are indicated.


Samples and prototypes

In case of prototypes or commissions with designs and special measures, the appropriate sketches and prototypes will be made before entering into final confection.

These services can only be done through an accepted budget.


Reservation of ownership

The remitted goods will be considered property of Vedefora S.L. until the total amount agreed upon in the sale has been satisfied, giving rise, as long as this situation is maintained, to a reservation of ownership in favor of Vedefora S.L. with the power to withdraw it from the buyer's address when it deems appropriate.



According to the law 11/1997, of April 24, packaging and packaging waste, the final holder of the waste of packaging and used packaging, will be responsible for delivery in appropriate conditions of separation by materials, an agent for reuse to an authorized recuperator or appraiser.


Payment methods - Secure payment

Our online store makes sales of confidence and with the maximum guarantee of quality using the secure payment systems of the BANCO DE SABADELL.

Wire transfer

The data you need to make the transfer are the following:

IBAN:   ES05 0081 1047 80 0001392245


Please enter the order number and name of the buyer in the description of the banking transaction. We suggest you send a copy of the receipt through our contact form or by email to, to have proof of payment (bank transfers usually take between 1 and 2 working days) and to start processing your order as quickly as possible.