Production of top quality uniforms, where we have been able to merge the beauty and elegance of fashion, with the comfort of work clothes, creating a new concept of uniformity.


We started the textile-fashion activity in the early twentieth century, specifically in the year 1902 and continues to be led by the 4th and 5th generation of the founders.


Our purpose is to ensure that uniformity becomes one of the most important aspects within the image of an establishment, line of business or a corporation ... Let the image and personified face of the message you want to convey. To achieve this concept "message-uniform-fashion-update" we have important technological means and a human team continuously updated in trends. Willing to unify efforts and share synergies with our clients, so that, with our interesting tools of continuous renewal, we can optimize the uniformity of each client and each project. We believe that a uniformity should basically contemplate two fundamental aspects:  Be the best form of visual marketing. That they be attractive equipment, capable of achieving a look of good taste and well-being at work.  Comfortable clothes to wear and that facilitate the work, using technical fabrics and designs adapted to each department. Easy maintenance items and high durability We are satisfied with the balance achieved between fashion and uniform; we have achieved and want to share with all professionals, the convenience and the need for the image of our establishments to be noticed from the beginning, from the entry of the client to our establishment; Finding funny, familiar, close, modern and elegant staff ... in short, what the client expects.